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  4. "The floorplan of my room is pornographic"


    This anonymous submission took place in an upmarket hotel in the Midwest, independently operated under license from a major hotel brand. ”I worked in the accounting office, but happened to be the manager on duty at the time.”

    (Actual picture of guest:)

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  7. "No matter how progressive, liberal, or politically and socially astute we think we have become, everyone living in the United States (and elsewhere, for Dahl was certainly not American) has been affected by ideas about which children can be — and cannot be — viewed as innocent. Of course, in the Enlightenment, and afterward, there are examples of dark-skinned peoples being viewed as noble savages. However, the prevailing cultural script that has been handed down over the generations is that some children are more innocent than others. We notice this, but we are not encouraged to speak it aloud, because the construction of childhood innocence on foundations of race is something that is implied but never spoken, lest we offend others."

    from The Dark Fantastic: “Why is Rue a Little Black Girl?” - The Problem of Innocence in the Dark Fantastic by Ebony Elizabeth Thomas

    Read this. ALL of this. 

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    This article brings up an issue that shouldn’t exist in our supposedly modern and “progressive” times. It never occurred to me that Rue being black would elicit negative and ignorant responses from audiences of the Hunger Games. It’s ridiculous - Rue’s race shouldn’t detract from the movie, especially seeing as the actress did an excellent portrayal of the character.


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    PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Good evening. Please write down a list of your top recommendations for dinner near here.
    CONCIERGE: What kind of food?
    PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Write down the top 10 with the best reviews nearby.
    (Concierge does.)
    PRECOCIOUS 8 YEAR OLD: Now kid friendly restaurants through the…

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    James Franco gives Jimmy the ultimate selfie tutorial.

    Love the selfies ❤️

    The best selfie has got to be '#TheSelfieProofStoneFace'! 

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    I love this so much. I love that picture of Kim so much. She’s got this satisfied look on her face like “Yes Jesus, it’s me Kim.” Like Jesus called and Kim was the ONLY one to answer. She was waiting for that phone for that call. 

    She looks like Jean Teasdale's happier sister.

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